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Direct booking cobooking
working to build cobooking

Cobooking : the home of direct booking is open for accommodation owners all over the world. We are positive about the possibility of change which we have already started with a website for you to list your property. Cobooking is also a community where those of us that believe in the necessity of a new way of booking can come together, share, build and help each other.

Cobooking community
Many helpers make light work

There are many good people that want to see online booking change and a whole lot good people getting together can be strong and effective. Each and every one of us can help make the home of direct booking. So much hard work still has to be done, all of us must be very aware of how difficult this will be. It will in fact only be possible with the active participation of many like yourself.

If you want to help you can start by building your direct booking page … (many already have) Signup now to build your direct booking cobooking page…

(In order to publish your direct booking page on cobooking you must have a website and booking system)

The home of direct booking is waiting and ready for you in its early stages. Are you ready for it ? Will you help do something about it ? Thousands have joined and we are starting to make it happen, the more of us there are the stronger we will be …

No more commission

Tired of paying more and more commission every year ?
Where have all your direct bookings gone ?

Ever wondered why there is no home for direct booking ? A place to find the telephone numbers, email and websites of accommodations ? There is now… and together we can answer these questions with positive action, lets build cobooking and lets do it differently …

Want to find out more…
Read other articles in our blog or visit the partners page where you will get an idea of who cobooking is and what we stand for…

You can find us on facebook, twitter and instagram

Visit the new public cobooking website be kind it is (version 1.0)