Shocking TripAdvisor T&Cs

Yesterday cobooking become aware that tripadvisor had changed their terms and conditions. Our view is they are asking properties to agree to outrageous terms and conditions.

TripAdvisor SHOCKING terms … Our one line interpretation: You agree they can take images and text from your website which they have perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable and sublicensable rights to !!!! What !!!

Read on to get more detail along with the actual terms from their page yesterday, tell us what you think ?

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Beware Review widgets that steal direct bookings

Cobooking exposes review widget dangers.

Bad review widgets leak direct bookings

For far too many years we have put up with dodgy review widgets that cheat properties out of direct bookings. Widgets, badges and awards touted by large “reputable” businesses and placed on websites in good faith “trusting” these big corporations that pretend their main function is to “display” reviews, nonsense they are not to be trusted.

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Open and ready

Direct booking cobooking
working to build cobooking

Cobooking : the home of direct booking is open for accommodation owners all over the world. We are positive about the possibility of change which we have already started with a website for you to list your property. Cobooking is also a community where those of us that believe in the necessity of a new way of booking can come together, share, build and help each other.

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Why different, cobooking ?

Why we shouldn’t do what everyone else is doing ?

Cobooking is different
cobooking is different

We have to do something different but also find the right kind of different, the one that works. Cobooking has been in gestation for many years and we think it’s the “different” that’ll make all the difference. Doing the “same” certainly isn’t working…. so what’s to lose?

Join to help build cobooking, the home of direct booking and a different that works…

Cobooking emerges

Emerge cobooking content

Currently only open to Beta invitees please volunteer after you get the invite : Much work has been done in the background, we have completed the content interface, this enables cobooking partners, properties, people that help, to upload photos descriptions, facilities and your direct booking contact details. Yes, most importantly cobooking will always publish your direct booking information so guests can contact you.

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Working together for direct booking

What motivates us ?

You have registered with cobooking and probably want to know a bit more about what motivates us/you and a bit about why you should return to this blog and keep up with cobooking news.

The BIG why ?

For so long, accommodation owners have seen their direct bookings dwindle and wither in front of their eyes. Customers that used to book with them directly somehow end up booking through an Online Travel Agent (OTA).

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